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Luca photo

Via Pescille, 109

50020 Panzano in Chianti (Firenze) Italy


Inspired by:  Wine, Grapes, Jazz, Work, Love … running, jumping, flying, escaping, dancing

My art is featured in the following video starting at time 31:50

43rd Annual Exposition of Chianti Classico

This Annual Wine Festival starts on the Thursday before the second weekend of September.

37 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Luca, we are at Osteria do Casa Chianti and looking at your artwork. Wondering if you so smaller prints or pieces. Can we come and see your studio? We love the piece “family that’s a more”

  2. We saw your work at the Cortefreda and we’re wondering how to see your work and possibly buy some to ship to Canada?

  3. Hello Luca
    I love your work, my friends and I have been staying in Panzano for many years and hope to continue to do so for many more.
    Can you tell me please how much notice you would need for one of your golf playing acrylics?
    This would be a gift for 2 of our closest friends, he and she have started playing golf together and Panzano is one of our favourite places to stay.
    Also could I please ask the prices of your work?
    Thank you for your creativity and time

    Kind regards
    Karen Halliday

  4. Saw your work on road reflectors today and would love to visit your gallery. Where are you located and is it possible to visit tomorrow 14 sept?

    Karen Raymond

    • Ciao
      Tomorrow I Expose in piazza bucciarelli a panzano in chianti
      For wine party “vino al vino”
      My prone is 0039 3200816675
      You can contact me with watsapp

  5. Hello Luca, We were recently in the Chianti region and saw your incredible artwork on buildings and walls. Do you sell small prints of your works…we loved the little stories you depict in each of your paintings!!! I would love to buy a piece for our friends that traveled with us to Panzano. Thank you

  6. Luca,

    My name I Giuliano Lunardi born in Garfanana and living in Canada since 1967. I vacation regularly in Tuscany and came upon your art at the side of the road near San Donato. We took a lot of photos and when we got home I found you on the internet. I belong to a large cycling group and I would love to have some of your cycling/wine prints in my home. Where can I choose some? Do you have pricing? Would you do a custom print?


  7. Hello! My name is Eftychia.
    I was in Panzano recently where I saw and loved your work as much as I loved your village! Unfortunately, I was not able to buy anything then and
    I would like to ask if you can send me pieces I choose, to Greece.
    Thank you very much and many congratulations for your heartwarming, good wine-like, little people!!!!

  8. Hello Luca,
    I have stayed at Borgo Cortefreda and saw your very nice artworks. Your figures made me laughing out loud when I was cycling up hill near Panzano.
    Today I was at the market in Panzano but unfortunately you weren’t there……
    I wished to meet you because you must be a very happy person if you make this lovely paintings beside the road. That’s absolutely wonderful!! And I would have loved to buy some work of you. Now I have to comeback next year 😉!

    • Dear alexandra
      I m happy that you like my work .
      This small people that I design on the road is the most funny and energetic for me.
      See you next year

  9. I was at the Expo Chianti Classico in 2011, in Greve. I bought one of your pieces there. Can I buy from you through this website? I would love 1 more piece! 🙂 I am in Canada.


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