Acrylic on Jute – LARGE Panels – 15″ W x 58″ H
 (GRANDE 38 cm x 148 cm – colori acrilici su tela di iùta grezza)

click on image to enlarge

                             DSCF2163 vend ind mod   100_2655_1   100_2657_1   100_2658_1   100_2654_1

  100_2660_1    2009-09-06_6    2009-09-06_5    100_2659_1   100_2661_1

            DSCF2161aereo nero mod      2009-09-06_3     2009-07-25_1      2009-09-17_3      2009-08-1_2

    2009-09-17_5    2009-09-17_6    2009-09-06_4    2009-09-17_2

DSCF2164 12.2013-2

DSCF2164 12.2013-3

DSCF2164 12.2013-4

DSCF2164 12.2013-1

DSCF2160 bagno mod   DSCF2158cuore nero mod   DSCF2157 pesce mod   DSCF2160 familymod


All designs also available in the small size

Acrylic on Plastic – small – 13.5″ x 3.5″

(piccoli 35 cm x 9 cm – colori acrilici su plastica)


DSC_0081 DSC_0083 DSC_0085-2   DSC_0085-3 DSC_0085   DSC_0090c DSC_0094-2   DSC_0094-3c DSC_0094c   pitture_1-400

4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Dear Luca,

    How can we purchase a picture from you and how much are the small / bigger size ones?

    Also, is it a copy of an original version? Or which ones would you have available?

    Thank you for your information.

    • Ciao Anita
      Write me by wattsapp , tel 0039 320 0816675
      the painting big 150×40 cm is 120€
      The small 35x9cm is 40€
      In wattsapp for me is easyer to send you foto of last production

    • Hi diane
      Yes , I ship in USA and if you write me by wattsapp is better
      My phone is 0039 320 0816675
      I can send you fotos of last production

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